Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Service

Adorebits is a cryptocurrency exchange development company which helps start-ups and enterprises by developing cutting edge blockchain based solutions. Our team of expert developers create secure, robust and reliable cryptocurrency exchange solutions.


Some important features for Exchange

Multisignature Wallets

Two factor authentication

Powerful admin panel

Large number of token support

iOS and Android Application

Bot trading APIs

Support for many order types

Real time blacklisted persons detection

Fortified security

Payment gateway integration

100000 plus transaction per second

Matching engine written from scratch

All functionalities to manage different types of users and KYC

Leverage cutting edge distributed scaling technology

Fully Customizable

Risk Engine

Multi language to external support

API to External Exchange

ML Enabled

Marginal Trading

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Service

At Adorebits, we are committed to developing and providing cryptocurrency exchange solutions for all your needs


Choosing Right Platform

We develop customized, secure and robust exchange platform as per your specific business requirements. This will allow higher volume of transactions without the fear of system crashes and errors.


Market and Liquidity

Since external factors are volatile and can affect crypto-trading, we ensure that our cryptocurrency exchange solutions can handle updates and changes quickly and efficiently.


Incorporation and Regulation

We ensure that our solutions and the development process are compliant with the regulations such as AML, KYC, & GDPR.


API Integration

Our team can help the clients integrate any cryptocurrency into the exchange.

White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

While developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform for our clients, we ensure that we integrate the best features that create a robust, secure and fast platform.

High TPS (Transactions per second)

Our white label cryptocurrency exchange software has the ability to process a high volume of transactions which leads to a better trading experience.

Powerful Trade Engine

Our solution offers a powerful trade engine which allows traders to buy and sell orders very quickly with minimum latency. Additionally, the solution also includes built in order types which make the trade engine more efficient to use.

Multi-layer Security

We ensure that proper security measures are taken by using SSL implementation, two factor authentications like for additional login security, encrypted user access, and automatic limits for fund withdrawal. Additionally, our in-house team of experts are equipped to deal with any vulnerability threats if they arise.

Digital Wallet

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange solution has digital wallets that has provisions to manage, store and transact multiple types of cryptocurrencies which makes it appealing for different users and markets.

Why Adorebits for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solution

At Adorebits, we are passionate about helping our clients in solving business problems by creating the next generation of technology driven solutions. Having said that, we are the right technology partners to help you build your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

Experienced Cryptocurrency Developers

We have an expert team of blockchain developers and engineers who have had considerable working experience working across industries and technologies.

Strong Portfolio

We have a proven track record of delivering technology-based solutions and customer satisfaction for multiple clients across various industries.

One Stop Solution

At Adoreits, we ensure that clients’ end to end need for developing and implementing a cryptocurrency exchange platform are fulfilled.

Quality to Price Ratio

We are passionate about helping our clients and the quality of our solutions is our topmost priority. Coupled with our competitive pricing, we ensure that our clients get the best of both worlds.

Support & Maintenance

Our work does not stop after we deploy the solution. Hence our support and maintenance team ensures that we are there if the client need us for any help and guidance.


Process of Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

At Adorebits, our expert team of blockchain developers and cryptocurrency experts follow a properly designed process to develop and implement the cryptocurrency exchange platform. This ensures all the client and business needs are incorporated.

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis

    We start with brainstorming sessions with the client to understand the functional and non-functional requirements.

    Gathering the Datasets
  • Preparing the Data

    Front End and Back End Development

    Based on the requirements, our developers start creating the back-end functionality and front-end design for the exchange platform.

  • Hosting the Exchange Platform

    Based on geography laws and regulations, we then proceed to host the exchange platform.

    Gathering the Datasets
  • Preparing the Data

    Blockchain Integration

    Once the exchange is hosted, we go on to integrate different blockchains to the exchange platform.

  • Listing of Coins/Tokens to the Exchange

    An important part of the process is to finally list the different cryptocurrencies to the exchange.

    Gathering the Datasets
  • Preparing the Data

    Security Enhancing and Testing

    We ensure that the exchange platform is robust and completely secure to prevent any malicious attacks or breach of data.

  • Delivery of the Exchange Platform

    Once all is done, we hand over the final hosted exchange platform to the client.

    Gathering the Datasets