We respect your privacy and give an assurance that all the information you share with Adorebits Technology is in trustworthy hands. When we collect any confidential information from you, it is handled in an authorization-secure setup.

We usually collect personal identification information in the form of cookies when a visitor visits our site. Moreover, if a visitor fills out an inquiry form, this information is only shared with the authorized personnel in the company. Thus, assuring complete privacy.

  • The Information that We Collect

    The information that we collect from our clients or the visitors on our site is essential for effective communication and delivering better value. We are committed to protecting this data under our stringent Privacy Policy.Here at Adorebits, we use several contact platforms like email, phone, messages, etc.We collect basic information such as:

    - Name
    - Designation
    - Organization name
    - Type of the organization
    - Postal Address
    - Email Address
    - Telephone Number (Both office and personal)
    - Specific Requirements and Queries

  • Where We Use Your Information

    Your personal information that we collect might be used for the following reasons/purposes:

    - To connect with you regarding a service that is likely to meet your needs.
    - To connect with you for offering support or attending your tech help queries.
    - To discuss your project scope and requirements.
    - To help you understand our new business offerings or the new services we offer.
    - To re-contact you if we have not heard from you in a while.
    - To send you company’s newsletters.

  • Security

    We safeguard your personal and confidential data against misuse, loss, and the risks of destruction. And therefore, we integrated our infrastructure with various levels of physical, organizational, and technical security.Each unit of information you share with us is safeguarded with specific authorization, and only the assigned personnel have access to this information.

  • Updating Privacy Policy

    Adorebits Technology reserves all rights to alter, amend or update the privacy statement without any prior notice. We recommend our clients and visitors checking our privacy statements from time to time to remain updated.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any queries or concerns about our privacy policy, please share the same via our Contact Us page.