Types of Blockchain Networks we Offer

Public Blockchain

Public blockchains operate on open-source software allowing anyone to join the network or become a "node" to help validate transactions. As there is no central authority, public chains promote decentralized, democratic participation.

Private blockchain

Limit permissions and access to a single organization or closed group of pre-approved participants. As they allow greater control over network activity, private chains appeal more to regulated industries dealing with sensitive data.

Hybrid blockchains

Hybrid blockchains fuse both worlds, keeping some data visible publicly while restricting other sensitive information to authorized members. This balances transparency with privacy for practical business adoption.

Consortium blockchains

Consortium blockchains provide a middle ground where consensus process leadership rotates among a group of organizations instead of vesting control in one entity. With governance shared between pre-selected partners in an industry, consortium chains enable high-trust collaboration.

Best Blockchain Approach

Adorebits delivers exceptional blockchain experiences with perfect ideation, seamless Ui/ Ux & genius coding experience. As a leading blockchain development firm, we transform various industry sectors to their next-level success!

  • Strategic consulting

    Before diving into development, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their pain points. Aligning the blockchain solution to your business model is what ensures effective development processes.

  • Custom Solutions

    No two businesses are alike & neither are their blockchain developments. Crafting bespoke solutions for custom requirements – is what we do best for your existing systems.

  • Smart Design

    A user-friendly, secure and smart design is what makes the blockchain product intuitive & engaging! Whether your users are technical or non-technical – we ensure seamless experiences with our coding expertise.

  • Agile Coding

    We prioritize performance and scalability over everything. Coding errors & bugs are not something that you will experience with Adorebits – our blockchain blocks all chances of failure for you!

  • Deployment

    Succeeding in the execution part, we launch flawlessly finished products in the market. Your brand name is taken up a notch – with the product that we code for you!

Custom Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain App Development

Public and private app development has a lot of potential for distributed applications & Saas products in today’s world. We can help you build apps that align and sync seamlessly with your business model.

DApps Development

Adorebits helps build you build expert DApp platform with peer-to-peer blockchain development with strategic thinking & smart coding. P2P decentralized apps help you get rid of central failure points with user-oriented products.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Be it a company project or a freelancing gig, we will create a blockchain wallet with safe parameters & secure features allowing you to transfer economic value. Multi-coin blockchain wallet can also be integrated into your existing system.

Derivative Exchange Development

Blockchain As a leading blockchain development company, adorebits builds secure and customizable derivative exchanges enabling trading of futures, options, swaps, and more on blockchain networks. Our team brings deep expertise in building scalable and high-performance decentralized trading platforms.

STO Development

Build a superlative STO platform for expert investment functionalities with adorebits. Crypto-based investments can be handled with ease and security – with expert STO development services from our blockchain experts!

Smart Contracts Development

Reduce your paperwork with the ultimate ease of smart contracts development! Your daily operations speed, effectiveness & security increases tenfold with our smart contracts. Digitize data transfers without any third-party vendors!

DeFi Development

Our decentralized finance development similar services offer a scalable engine, advanced trading features, high liquidity, secure wallet integration, and more. Transform finance apps into self-executing and permissionless protocols – where no intermediary is required.

ICO Development

Initial coin offering management platform is one of our many USPs, where we build robust platforms for budding and established investors. Looking to build a platform where KPIs can be tracked and crowdfunding can be managed? Build one with us for extensive reports and community management.

NFT Marketplace Development

Adorebits provides robust NFT marketplace solutions on blockchain allowing protocol specific operations and secure transactions in the marketplace. Do you need cross-chain marketplaces? Seamlessly integrate them with your multichain NFTs

Why Adorebits for your Blockchain Business?

Enhanced Security

Blockchain tech offers decentralized & encrypted security like no other tech! Our experts implement the latest cryptography and consensus protocols for securing your data and transactions.

Immutable Ledger

The distributed ledger on blockchain networks is transparent yet tamper-proof. It showcases accountability at the highest level, and we develop solutions leveraging these attributes.

Increased efficiency

By removing Intermediaries, Blockchain helps you streamline processes & settlement times. Want to optimize your operations and overhead? Let’s discuss how!

New Revenue Models

Blockchain makes way for innovative revenue generating capabilities. ICOs, yield farming & tokenized assets trading are the needs of today’s world, and we help you build these models effectively.

Driving Innovation

As an emerging tech, we offer avenues for unprecedented innovation. Across industries, we guide you towards strategic decisions with data-backed facts.

Future-proof Business

Blockchain is revolutionizing the business processes as we know. We help transition enterprises into web3 readiness for a tech-driven future.

Competitive edge

Blockchain makes way for innovative revenue generating capabilities. ICOs, yield farming & tokenized assets trading are the needs of today’s world, and we help you build these models effectively.

Custom solutions

Our blockchain developers build customized decentralized solutions catered to your specific business requirements with bleeding edge as well as stable technology implementations.

Our Success Stories

  • Finance and Banking

    Adorebits revolutionized a leading finance organization with 500+ clients in USA – their operations by implementing blockchain, elevating transparency, security, and efficiency in financial transactions. The result? A significant reduction in fraud risk and accelerated cross-border payments, ensuring seamless and secure financial operations.

  • Healthcare

    Adorebits transformed patient data management for a prominent healthcare provider in UK with 100+ Hospitals in their portfolio. By leveraging blockchain, we ensured the integrity of patient records through immutable data, fostering improved interoperability and bolstering privacy measures.

  • Supply Chain

    For a major player in the supply chain industry in Sharjah with 70+ clients, Adorebits implemented blockchain to enhance product traceability. This empowered stakeholders to securely track origins and journeys, fostering increased transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

  • Real Estate

    Adorebits simplified and secured property transactions for a real estate client in India with 50+ properties in their portfolio, particularly in title transfers. Our implementation of transparent and fraud-resistant blockchain records streamlined processes, ensuring trustworthy and efficient property transactions.

  • Legal Law

    Adorebits empowered a legal firm in the USA with 60+ clients - with the implementation of smart contracts. By automating and enforcing agreements without intermediaries, we significantly increased efficiency and reduced costs for our legal industry client.

  • Education

    Adorebits played a pivotal role in authenticating academic credentials for a prestigious educational institution in Romania with 2 high level Academic institutions. This streamlined the hiring process, preventing fraud and ensuring the credibility of academic achievements.

  • Energy

    Adorebits facilitated peer-to-peer renewable energy trading for a leading energy company in Slovakia with 90+ clients. Through transparent and decentralized transactions enabled by blockchain, our client successfully engaged in efficient and secure energy trading practices.

  • Food Safety

    Adorebits revolutionized food safety for a renowned food industry client in New South Wales with 100+ clients on a daily basis. Our implementation allowed for the tracking of origin and supply chain journey, providing consumers with the ability to verify authenticity and safety of the products they consume.

  • Intellectual Property

    Adorebits safeguarded the intellectual property rights of a creative entity in Germany by implementing blockchain. Through timestamping and securing ownership rights with immutable records, we successfully prevented plagiarism and ensured the protection of our client's creative assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are blockchain services?

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a service based on the cloud – where companies can build and operate their own blockchain solutions. It resembles Software as a Service (SaaS) concept.

What is the process for support after project completion?

Our goal is not simply to build your blockchain project, but to form long-lasting client relationships. So even after development wraps, consider our team your trusted on-call technical experts for fixing bugs, improvements, and troubleshooting.

How frequently is code reviewed?

One developer code, and the other one simultaneously reviews our code. Only verified codes are released for testing.

How long could it take to complete a blockchain project?

It depends on the complexity & density of the project. A rough estimate is always given during project initiation.