Mobile Application Development

Adorebits is a leading mobile application development company which enables business owners, start-ups and enterprises to take their business to the next level. With the world going mobile, an effective and a thought-out mobile application strategy has become imperative for any business.

Our experienced team of commited Android and iOS mobile application developers is committed to create the perfect mobile application for multiple industries, multiple business purposes and varying client needs. At Adorebits, we design beautiful applications that are feature rich and functionally efficient by using best coding practices and standard app development frameworks.

Our Service

Mobile App UI/UX Design

When it comes to developing mobile applications, a core necessity is User Interface and End User Experience. We might be dealing in technology

Mobile Widget Development

Since a long time now, mobile app widgets have gone from nice to have feature to a must have feature.

Native App Development

Native application development means creating dedicated mobile applications that cater to a single individual platform only.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid application combines the elements of both native applications and web applications. In a way, it offers the best of both worlds.

Mobile App Consultation

When you are embarking on a mobile application development journey, it’s quite natural to have multiple doubts and questions in mind.

Game app development

During the last few years, gaming applications have become hugely popular amongst the users and customers.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Requirement gathering

At this stage, our team of business analysts and developers sit with the client stakeholders to understand the business objectives, operational workflows and other important requirements regarding the mobile app. We indulge in multiple brainstorming sessions to understand all the stakeholders involved as well as the potential use cases for the application.

The requirement gathering phase helps to give a big picture view of what the mobile application should look like and if it aligns with client objectives and needs.

UI/UX design

Then, our team of front-end UI/UX designers follow the design principles to create a beautiful and intuitive user interface which offers a wonderful user experience for the end users. This step involves detailed understanding of the stakeholders who will be using the application. Based on this research, our designers will design interaction elements, decide colour schemes and animations that will be used in the application.
Based on the stakeholder preferences and functionalities, our UI/UX designers will help in creating a beautiful looking front-end design for the mobile application.


After the initial designing, our team of developers create a preliminary prototype for the app. This serves as the initial version of the app which helps give a sense of what it will look like. With the help of wireframes, blueprints and beta versions, our team of mobile application developers will follow an iterative process to create prototypes of the final application.
Prototypes help in getting clarity about what works and what doesn’t. They help in validating the functionality, assumptions and the scope of the project.

App development

Our team of expert coders follow best coding practices and use standard libraries and frameworks to create the logic and functionalities of the application. The application goes through multiple steps as the developers figure out the logic and flow of the application.

We follow an iterative process of continuous development which ensures that desired result is achieved.

Quality assurance

Our testing team makes sure that the application is properly tested and works well under all use cases without getting hanged or terminated. Based on the end user stakeholders as well as potential use cases, the application is tested in multiple ways to ensure that all works according to the plan.
Our testing process checks for bugs, performance issues or missing functionalities in scope to ensure that everything is fixed before the final deployment.


Once the app has passed all quality tests and all the features and design have been incorporated, it’s ready to be deployed on the app store or client devices.


Based on different policies of different app stores, the application deployment procedure can be customized. The deployment phase plan is aligned according to the app store.

Support and maintenance

Our job does not end once the application has been deployed. We help by providing training and instructions of how to use the application to different stakeholders.
Additionally, based on initial feedback, we deploy more changes and release updates on a regular basis. We ensure that we are there even after the deployment to help and guide our clients whenever they face any problems.

Why should you choose Adorebits for Mobile App Development?

It’s been a long time since Android and iOS applications were first developed. The industry has gone through major tectonic shifts and revolutions since then and there are still new ideas coming up every day.

Adorebits has been a player in the Mobile App Development Market long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we have a proven methodology of mobile application development with standard frameworks to ensure that our clients get the best results.

Here are some of the reason why we are the best at what we do

  • Deep knowledge of Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems which we strongly leverage when it comes to Mobile Application Development
  • An all star team of experienced Android Developers, iOS Developers, UI/UX Designers, Computer Engineers, Business Analysts and Domain Specialists
  • We have helped clients in creating beautiful and functional mobile applications for industries such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics and others
  • We are committed to doing quality work and our clients know that which is why we have a solid record of delivering successful results and client satisfaction
  • As a team of passionate employees, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving mindset, entrepreneurial passion and a company culture of integrity