A client connected with Adorebits to hire dedicated mobile app developers who could help him develop his sleep therapy app on both Android and iOS platforms. With his app, he wanted to help users develop a better and healthy sleep schedule with the help of meditation experts. He also wanted to offer various solutions to restless sleep issues and insomnia. He wished to manage the app developers authoritatively for his project.

Project Attributes


iOS and Android App (using Flutter)

Engagement Model

Dedicated Developers


6 Months

App Users

Users ,




    •  The client required two iOS and Android developers each for his project and he wanted to manage their priorities flexibly.
    •  The client wanted to build the app scope based on multiple iterations and for that he required development flexibility.
    •  The client also wanted to hire the developers with the right skillset and can be managed seamlessly.


    • We were able to place the mobile app developers with the required skillset on immediate basis for the client’s project.
    • The client was also allotted a project coordinator as the single point of contact to manage his team of dedicated developers seamlessly.
    • We were also able to arrange substitute developers in case any dedicated resource was absent due to an authentic reason.
    • The client could easily manage the priorities of the dedicated resources based on the project scope for his application.
    • The client was provided the option to easily scale his team size.


    • The dedicated mobile app developers were able to build the native applications for the client within 5 months.
    • The final application started drawing early returns, which added to the client’s delight.
    • The client is utilizing the same team for his next app development project since 3 months now.

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