A leading airlines company approached us with their idea to build an airline’s roster monitoring app for cabin crew and airline managers. An app that could make it easy for crew and managers to view the airline’s roster on the go.

The app was to be made such that it could –

  • Connect with the airline operations schedule
  • Keep the crew notified
  • Allow the crew to communicate
  • Allow crew to sync and share their schedule
  • Enable the scheduler to manage airline’s roster transparently
  • Give users a comprehensive view at their airlines career


 iOS 14.0, Swift using XCode, MySQL

Project Attributes




App for iOS ,

iPad & iWatch

Engagement Model

Time and Material Basis


5 Months

App Users

Cabin Crew ,

Airline Managers ,


Project Management Software




     (For the Client)

    • Logbooks implementation for each airline, and management across all crew members of the same crew.
    • Manual, time-consuming efforts in scheduling the crews for daily operations, daily open sequence assignments for multiple cities, and manually adjusting the crew compensations.


    (For the Developer)

    • Implementing the functionality for checking career statistics over all the platforms with a consistent view, especially in iWatch.
    • Integration of chat functionality for easy communication amongst the crew managers and crew team.
    • Integrating compatibility with logbooks and 3rd party apps.


    • The app was made such that users can track their flying career seamlessly with a comprehensive view at their schedules and duties.
    • The app exudes a crisp and clean design that blends seamlessly with the iOS device interfaces.
    • The app allows monitoring more than 500 airlines’ roster and downloading it as per your airline schedule.
    • Chat feature was integrated for seamless communication between crew members and their managers.
    • Simplified the process of management for crew schedulers and crew members with automated tools and notifications.
    • Stringent KPIs were implemented successfully for multiple airlines.


    • Over 400,000 Airline Crew Professionals and 500+ Airlines Worldwide are Supporting the App.
    • The app laid benchmarks for other crew management and airline’s roster monitoring apps.

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