How to Get Funding for an App Idea in 2021

16 June 2021

How to get funding for an app idea? You probably want to start with a mobile app, if you have an idea, and you should. Global mobile apps produce an annual turnover of around $60 billion so that mobile applications offer new enterprises an enormous opportunity.

But if your best friend isn’t a genius, you’re probably going to have to hire an app development company to create your new app idea. This is a costly proposal. How costly is that? While the app costs may vary widely in accordance with the specifics of the concept and feature set, the “average” mobile app typically costs $80,000 to $250,000 anyplace.

In addition, you require funds to pay overall operating costs, marketing and acquisition by users, recruitment, and all other costs involved in beginning a firm.

In most circumstances, it means that you need to raise funds to build an app. How are you doing it, then? How can you support an app by raising money?

The quick version is that you collect funds for an app just like any other business you raise money for. You can raise development cash from friends, families, or external investors – anyone who believes it to be worthy of an ROI (return on investment).

In pre-development capital, some apps raise millions of dollars, while others raise substantially less. And despite the high development expenses, an app with little or no startup funding can still be booted.

Funding your startup app doesn’t have to be difficult.

How to get funding for an app idea, when most people are talking about raising funding for a mobile app or business, they jump to risk capital instantly. It is reasonable to say that VC investment is commonly spoken of in the media and, as risk capitalists make some of the biggest investments, it’s the “big fish” in the world of finance. But the only available source of financing is not risk capital enterprises.

Is there any other option?

While less flashy, their friends and their families are one of the first sites that most entrepreneurs seek funding. In order to achieve returns on the investment, if you don’t get money of the wealth, your friends and family are usually small-scale, initial investments made partly because the investor knows you.

That said, it doesn’t imply you need to treat everyone like investors, because you do not know the people that invest. In the end, you owe them a return if anybody puts money into your project. Don’t be light on these early investments. You need to give a strong example of why your idea is valuable and you need to stretch each dollar as far as possible, especially at this early stage. You can invest more later on when people realize that you are using your investment money wisely.

Not everyone is quick to dismiss it, but having received financial backing from F&F money can be a substantial source of funding when launching a firm. You can help alleviate the initial startup costs of testing and proving your idea with the sum of money you raise.

Kickstarter or Crowdfunding Your App

Funding for an app idea can be obtained in numerous ways, however, crowdfunding is one of them. Many tech crowdfunding projects have raised millions of dollars using sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, demonstrating that such campaigns are effective ways to generate funds.

Because crowdfunding provides built-in validation for your idea, it’s also a terrific idea. You’ve confirmed the demand for your mobile app if you were able to successfully execute a crowdfunding campaign and raise big amounts of money from consumers. You can prove that it’s worth raising funds to create your software, and you can also grow your early adopter and recurring customer group while doing so.

These two approaches are ideal for people of all skill levels as they’re both open to everyone. They do, however, have restrictions. It’s best to seek out experienced investors to raise funding for app development, especially if you’re trying to build something new. But where do you find them?

A practical guide to finding startup investors

If you’re searching for app startup investors and looking for how to get funding for an app idea? You’re likely at a loss because you don’t know where to begin. To locate an investor for your app, you don’t need a Rolodex full of VC firms.

The greatest place to begin searching for institutional money is in your own network. Trust in your weak ties here. Think about professors you had in college, previous coworkers, or prior supervisors. Ask your alumni association for further information. Would anyone you know anyone? When you’re searching for investors, a third-party introduction is one of the greatest ways to find them.

You might also join an app contest. Competitions for new mobile app ideas and startup ideas, in general, can award rewards in the form of capital. A contest that is this difficult to win is incredibly cutthroat, so to win one, you’ll need an exceptional idea and a ton of hard effort. A contest might be a feasible approach to get your foot in the door with investors if you have a brilliant product, can establish there’s a significant market for it, and can put together a persuasive pitch.

For the record, be sure to keep your financing hunt confidential. In case you were interested, let everyone know you’re trying to earn money. Announcing this on your social media accounts, telling people, and even including it in your email signature is perfectly acceptable. Some people prefer to keep their objectives private, but it’s perfectly ok to be open about your goals. Perhaps, it will be the starting of a significant business relationship.

How to Find Investors for a Mobile App

You may even have to talk someone out of investing in your app if you’re trying to raise money. Because of this, many VC-level investors are exposed to hundreds of pitches every day, and low-level investors are well aware of where they invest. It will be necessary to present a compelling argument if you hope to get anyone to stake money on you.

In order to advance through how to get funding for an app idea procedure, you must master your elevator pitch. Failure to meet this goal can cripple your app

Practice this pitch until it sounds natural and is not just memorized. Have a few close friends listen to your elevator pitch and ask them to summarize it for you on their own terms. It’s a terrific approach to make sure your pitch hits the mark and conveys exactly what you mean.

You’ll have to write a pitch deck if you want to acquire investment. Hundreds of publications exist on how to construct a great pitch deck, and if you search, you can find a range of previous funded businesses to use as models — an excellent example is Airbnb’s pitch deck.

Conceptually, you must be able to convince investors that your idea is a sound one and that your project will generate a profit. Rather, it’s important to first get millions of people and to see how to earn money off of that large amount of interest. You should have a monetization strategy mapped out, and it is always preferable to see some early indicators of traction. Those materials will all make a huge impact on your pitch when you have a minimum viable product (MVP), a significant number of users, paying customers, or user feedback.

This is a challenge. When you’re just starting out, getting money for an app is challenging. A second possibility is to use a Road-mapping service before embarking on the process of seeking financing for development. The road mapping process involves validating your idea, putting it into the market, and developing an MVP. It is a lot less expensive than development all the way through, and you’ll have the funds you need to start the development process once you’re ready.

If You Have Bad Credit, How to Get Startup Business Funding

You may ask how your credit will be relevant for a first-time app entrepreneur asking for finance. If you have bad credit, can you find investors?

Investors will ultimately decide whether or not this is successful. Funding for a mobile app isn’t the same as a loan: good or bad credit has the opportunity to get approved or refused by investors. It is nice to have high credit, but it is not the most crucial consideration.

Your credit score is less significant when you’re raising funding for a business than the viability of the business idea. Even if an investor doesn’t really believe that your proposal would be profitable, and even if you can’t reliably carry out the project, you will likely secure financing if you have credibility.

Traction is a more important component than having an audience to exhibit to. For investors, if your program has users and is making money, this is the strongest potential argument. While it’s still great to have a business that is profitable, if you can make your business profitable, it’s even better.

According to them, past performance is a strong predictor of future success. A successful business is one that generates a profit. Therefore, if your app is currently generating money, investors are much more likely to want to invest in your idea, since they know it will be profitable.

What do App Angel Investors do?

You have undoubtedly discovered the term “angel investor” while investigating how to fund your software. What would you say is the main function of angel investors for mobile apps?

Typically, angel investors are individuals or companies who invest in the angel round. These are typically outside investors, meaning individuals or entities that are not connected to the app or business in any way. Angel investors may help with the complete app development, or they may invest after the app has been built in order to help it flourish.


Raising money for a mobile app is challenging, but it is achievable. When you have a good idea and an impressive pitch, you may attract funds to fund the development of your app and turn your concept into a reality.

Further, if you wish to discuss the actual cost of building an app based on your requirements, drop us a message  here, and expect a custom quote within 48 hours.