How to Hire Flutter Developers Offshore: Skills & Cost

20 July 2021

Building apps like Google Ads, Postmuse & SpaceX Go, Flutter is gaining momentum among the developers and it is the third most popular framework among the developers to build mobile apps – Stack Overflow

Released in December 2018, Google’s new framework Flutter got the huge attention of the developers and big-shot companies to build scalable mobile apps. And by the mid-July of 2020, Flutter app development has become the talk of the town.

Offering a comprehensive UI kit, Flutter helps developers to build a highly scalable and flexible mobile app with the best available typography, icons, and scrolling behavior. This in turn saves time and development costs.

Backed with immense community support and assistance, Flutter app developers can easily find a solution. The developers extend hands to the community to gain maximum support and assistance during Flutter mobile app development.

With innumerable benefits the Flutter framework has to offer to its developers, there arises a question;

How to hire Flutter developers offshore and not regret later parts?

If this question is constantly hitting your mind, then you’ve landed at the correct address!

We’ve created an ultimate guide that speaks about all the essential aspects to be taken care of while hiring Flutter developers offshore. This article walks through the benefits of Flutter along with highlighting the roles and responsibilities of Flutter app developers. It also covers essential skills needed, countries, and its salary bar along with few common questions to evaluate Flutter app developers.

But with so many frameworks available to build hybrid mobile apps, why go for Flutter. Let’s find out.

Why Flutter?

  1. Fast development
  • The Flutter’s hot reload feature allows developers to view immediate changes in the application code.
  • The modification in the application code is made in less than a second without losing the app’s current state and version.
  • This results in faster development and a quick turnaround time.
  1. Cost-effectiveness
  • Being an open-source development kit, it is highly compatible with multiple development platforms.
  • With huge documentation available, it has great community support.
  • Since Flutter app developers work on the “write once run everywhere” approach, it doesn’t spend much time working on codes for multiple operating systems.
  • The developers take the advantage of pre-built widgets and hot reload features.
  • It makes development cost-effective and in-budget for business.
  1. Superior performance
  • Built with a simple OOP language named Dart, the SDK has its ready-made widgets. These widgets, in turn, help developers to build apps that give native look and feel for both the leading platforms i.e Android and iOS.
  • The Flutter engine directly communicates with the native modules due to which the application developed is stable and gives a native performance at impeccable speed.

What skills do Flutter app developers must possess?

Apart from the technical skills, below are the few soft and hard skills one must keep in mind to hire top Flutter, app developers:

Soft Skills for professional Flutter app developers

  1. Teamwork

Your remote Flutter app developers must be flexible enough to work with a bunch of other specialists. The specialist may include UI/UX designer, project manager, testing and QA team, and so on.

  1. Communication skills

Though the hired dedicated developer might work in different geographical locations, regular communication and teamwork should be maintained for the project. It is quite essential to establish regular and clear communication for quick feedbacks.

  1. Problem-solving

The hired dedicated Flutter developers must be proficient enough to face any bugs, issues, and misconceptions during the development process and efficiently solve them.

  1. Creative:

Flutter app developers need to be creative enough to look at things from different angles to give innovative solutions.

Hard skills of the professional Flutter app developers:

  • Complete and in-depth understanding of the software development lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of SQL, GoF patterns, Flutter framework, Swift, Kotlin, and Git.
  • Complete understanding of Dart programming language.
  • Strong understanding of networking and communication.
  • Strong knowledge of different architecture approaches.
  • Experience in Android and iOS mobile app development services.

How to hire Flutter developers offshore for my next project?

  1. Hire a freelancer


  • The average cost to hire a freelancer is quite less as compared to other employment.
  • No task assigned means no payment
  • You don’t need to pay for sick leaves, taxes, and vacations.


  • Freelancers tend to miss deadlines often compared to other employment.
  • Communication issues due to the time zone and language difference.
  • You cannot keep a check on your employee.
  • It’s quite uncertain that freelancers will complete the assigned project.
  1. Hire a dedicated developer


  • The developer will solely work on your project and is interested in the final output.
  • An opportunity for easy communication and co-operation 24/7
  • Access to a developer with expertise in specific technology and skill-sets
  • Quick turn-around time since they’re dedicated to your project.


  • The process to hire skilled talents is time-consuming
  • You need to leverage an infrastructure like hardware and software which is a costly affair.
  1. Assign a project to the outsourcing company


  • Outsourcing companies keep an eye on their developers’ skills and improve them with the current industry trends and demands.
  • Since the developers collaborate and work together, communication is easy and seamless.
  • Since the Flutter app developers share their feedback with their project manager, codes are altered, bugs are fixed and overall project quality is uplifted.
  • Quick project turn-around time with top-notch quality.


  • Due to the time-zone difference, you need to schedule communication and calls.
  • There might be a language barrier with some developers due to different regions.


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Which are the Top Countries to Hire Flutter Developers Offshore?

Few countries including India, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Indonesia have a rich source of skilled and experienced remote development teams and developers. You can hire them for your next Flutter app development project. However, multiple factors need to be considered before you hire offshore Flutter developers.

For instance: The geographical area, service cost, cultural similarities, availability of skilled and experienced developers, and so on. So, if you’re a startup and looking for a team extension, you need to gauge these factors before hiring a remote developer for your project.

Cost Comparison: What are the hourly rates to hire top Flutter developers?

Well, developers usually charge on an average hourly basis. And the charges can vary as per the below factors:

  • Hiring options (freelancers, outsourcing companies, dedicated developers, or in-house teams)
  • Geographical locations
  • Experience & Qualifications (Junior, mid-level, and senior developer)

For instance:

Freelance Flutter app developers have comparatively lower rate charts as compared to the in-house dedicated team. Developers from the USA may have higher salary standards as compared to developers from Eastern regions. Junior mobile developers have the lowest salary bar as compared to their senior leads.

Since there aren’t many Flutter developers to analyze their salary, we’ll speak about mobile app developers’ hourly rates. The hourly rates of Flutter and mobile developers are quite similar.

Average Flutter

So, how about the Flutter app developer salary each hour?

At Adorebits, we have conducted in-depth research using PayScale and Glassdoor along with comparing salaries. We have also considered factors including location, experience, industry, and company size to give an exact picture of the expected salary for a Flutter app developer.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rate

What questions need to be asked to hire the right Flutter app developers for your project success?

Below are a few of the questions you can ask to Flutter app developers to gauge your project success:

  1. Do you have your portfolio live in the App Store or Google Play Store?
  2. Have you ever worked remotely with any teams of the company prior?
  3. How many years of experience do you have in software development? Do you develop Android and iOS or just well-versed with hybrid frameworks?
  4. Could you please share your portfolio/ Github or StackOverflow link?
  5. Could you list your exposure to technologies, tools & frameworks, and database?
  6. Tell me something about a situation or a project where you have developed a module or a logic you’ve never worked on before? What were the challenges faced and what you learned from them?
  7. Which technology stack do you have hands-on expertise in?
  8. Can you tell me the difference between stateless widgets and stateful widgets?

While conducting an interview:

It is advisable to host a video conferencing call with the candidate to develop a good relationship with them and to choose the best one for your organization.

With this, you can easily:

  • Verify the candidate aptitude, communication skills, and knowledge
  • You can analyze their behavior and reactions while asking technical questions and can gauge their technical and programming knowledge of Dart and Flutter in real.

What else do I need to know before you hire a Flutter developer?

Before you hire a Flutter app developer for your business:

  1. Define your project goals and objectives
  2. Identify your development approach
  3. Analyze the top Flutter developer outsourcing country and its cost.
  4. One-to-one conversation with the hired vendor to determine their business approach, culture, and value.
  5. Make your decision & investment wisely!

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