Our Array of iOS and Android App Maintenance Services

App Monitoring Services

A crucial part of our maintenance & support services include app performance monitoring, security monitoring, user-experience feedback, and app crash prevention.

App Updates Management

We help build important timely updates for your mobile apps to help optimize the app’s user experience in accordance to the latest trends.

OS and Library Update Services

We ensure that your mobile app is upgraded to the newest OS versions and library updates that are rolled out every year. Moreover, we make sure it is compatible with the new devices.

App Crash Management Services

New OS updates or new app market rules can challenge the app’s compatibility, and it may even crash in cases of major updates. Therefore, we offer prompt app crash management services.

Mobile App Enhancement Services

Our mobile app developers help you maximize the efficiency and capabilities of your app with services like – functionality enhancement, security enhancement, server modifications, and performance enhancement.

Code Maintenance Services

From maintaining the functionality of your app’s code to modifying it along the product’s life cycle, we offer dependable code maintenance services post development.

App’s Data Migration Services

Our developers also allow you to migrate your app’s data from one app to another accurately and with minimum downtime.

App Security Management and Enhancement

Owing to our security monitoring services we keep a check on any security leaks in your app. Moreover, we regularly update your security tools and recommend security enhancements in case of any posed vulnerability.

What is the average mobile app maintenance cost?

The cost of mobile app maintenance is centred on the app development cost and the scope of maintenance services. Usually, the average annual cost calculates to 15-20% of the mobile app development cost.

Fixed-Price Maintenance Model

1. Fixed-Price Maintenance Model

Here you decide the definite maintenance tasks to create a project scope and we quote you a fixed estimation for it. These tasks can be related to app upgrade, bug fixes, security enhancement, performance optimization, etc.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

2. Annual Maintenance Contract

Our annual maintenance contract offers an all-inclusive testing and maintenance package. This starts from app monitoring, upgrade, security monitoring, app updates, performance optimization, etc.

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Hire Dedicated App Maintenance Expert

3. Hire Dedicated App Maintenance Expert

This model allows you to hire a part-time or full-time resource on a monthly recurring contract. This resource is liable to offer you complete app maintenance and support services based as per the contract.

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Why is Mobile App Maintenance Services Important?

Mobile platform witnesses a series of changes every year and these changes impact the performance and compatibility of your mobile app. Moreover, these changes are distinctive and many occur with almost zero cautioning.

Some changes that make mobile app maintenance crucial are:

Software Changes
There are changes in the OS, framework, and app libraries, every year. And you need to upgrade your app for these software changes to deliver appropriate user experience.

New Device Additions
Upgraded device models are added by individual companies each year, and you need to make customizations or tweaks in your app to make it suitable for these new devices.

Technical Changes
Major changes in the framework and OS have an impetus on the security, functionality, and performance of the app. Therefore, you require mobile app security & maintenance services to monitor changes and make major technical upgrades.

Infrastructure or App Market Changes
There might be changes in the app market policies or OS infrastructure and it might require you to update your app, enhance security, or remove potential bugs. Here is where mobile app maintenance puts in an appearance.