Why We Recommended Flutter App Development to 250+ Clients

06 July 2021

Why We Recommended Flutter to Over 250 Clients?
And, What Actually Made Them Choose Flutter App Development over Native?

Here is the entire story!


So, we have long been hearing that cross-platform app development offers you the best of both worlds. But has it outperformed native mobile app development?

Businesses have been employing React Native and Xamarin for a while now, and some speak highly of these frameworks. But are these the best we got?

Maybe, we need to do our due diligence! Do you know that Flutter defeated React Native by earning a higher number of GitHub stars, that too, within a year of its accessibility?

So, is Flutter app development the best choice for a company? Is Flutter the strongest contender for the mobile app development world in 2021? 

Let us dive deeper to see what Flutter SDK is capable of offering.


Our Experience with Flutter:

Adorebits have been among the early adopters of the Flutter framework. And since then we have built 250+ cross-platform apps on Flutter.

Most recently we built an Auto Accessories Marketplace App using Flutter.


auto accessories e-commerce flutter app development


The app had a huge project scope and the client wished to build it for both iOS and Android platforms. But, the native development cost was shooting far beyond his budget. ‘

Aware of his concern, our CTO analyzed his project scope and was prompt to suggest Flutter cross-platform app development.

To cut the long story short, we finally built the app for the client within just 110 days using Flutter. That is 35% lesser time than quoted to him by other service providers (for the native frameworks).

Moreover, the client appreciated a significant cost saving of 40% compared to what he would have paid for native app development.


Why We Recommended Flutter Framework to over 250+ Clients:


1. Flutter App Development is a Better Economic Decision

You do not have to hire two separate teams for iOS and Android app development. Instead, a single Flutter developers team can create a single code that works on both mobile app platforms. It results in significant cost savings for companies.

Note: A single team also saves you from the hassle of coordinating between two teams (iOS & Android). This hassle escalates over limited support for some features in either of the two platforms. Flutter gives you a midway between what’s possible in iOS/Android and what’s not.

Moreover, your time investment is less as there are no separate codes to be developed for multiple platforms. Your applications have a faster time to market, and you can draw returns faster.

More and more companies are employing Flutter cross-platform app development owing to these benefits.

2. The BLoC Architecture for Flutter

We use the BLoC (Business Logic Component) architecture for Flutter app development. It allows us to employ block component-based development.

BLoC is the leading architectural pattern preferred by most developers and clients today. The key benefits of this pattern are that it allows flexible and powerful development. And it makes the app testing process highly simple.

The BLoC pattern organizes the data flow and allows Flutter developers to separate the presentation layer from the business logic layer. So, now they can easily reuse elements, and multiple developers can simultaneously work on the same code. This functionality makes the testing easier and speeds up the development process.

Our Flutter app developers love BLoC architecture’s state management capabilities. They can check the state of the app at any given point in time.

The BLoC architecture makes sure that the logic is consistent across the app.

So, now our clients can enjoy highly scalable and easily customizable apps. And even if they hire a new developer to scale their apps (built by Adorebits), the developer can easily use the BLoC pattern to serve their requirements.

3. It is 2021, and We Need to Gear Up for Faster App Deployment:

Flutter employs Dart programming language for cross-platform applications.

One may debate why you need to learn a new language that is just useful for Flutter. But, Dart is one significant reason why Flutter app development is inevitably efficient.

Plus, if you already know C#, C++, Java, Swift, Kotlin, you will become familiar with Dart within no time.

Let’s not boast, but Dart offers a faster coding experience and allows a developer to code reliable security for an application.

Moreover, with Flutter SDK, you already have access to an extensive list of plugins that help deliver resourceful and efficient development.

We advise you to see Dart language as one of the main benefits of Flutter app development.

4. Flutter Helps You Offer Impressive User Experience 

Be it web or mobile applications, today no user will settle down for a poor app experience. And Flutter can be the right choice for making particularly impressive mobile apps.

React Native and Xamarin depend on native user interface widgets to communicate with the iOS and Android world.

However, the Flutter team creates user interface widgets from scratch for every widget on Android and iOS platforms. And there is no communication dependency.

Therefore, Flutter features a performance rate of 60 FPS, and users can enjoy a stellar app experience. This is one of the unparalleled benefits of Flutter app development.

5. Seamless Mobile App Development Process with More Data Types

We have been employing constant data types like float, char, boolean, double, etc. But, Flutter also supports the data types for variable values.

‘Varchar’ is one such data type that offers limited support for variable values. Another data type is ‘dynamic’ that offers 100% variance and allows you to modify the value easily during the coding phase.

Thus, it helps our Flutter app developers to practice a seamless app development process.

6. Flutter’s Hot Reloading Feature for Quality-oriented App Solutions

Flutter ensures that you do not have to wait long to assess the changes in the user interface. Every time you make an iteration, the hot reloading feature reflects your code changes in real-time. And so, it becomes easier to execute multiple iterations within less time.

Owing to this feature, you can code with a significant speed. And you can also execute more iterations until you attain the final UI perfection.

You must note that this is not a completely new feature, and React Native framework already offers hot reloading. However, this does not fade the feature’s desirability.

The right way is to create a single interface that delivers an impressive look & feel on both iOS and Android platforms.

7. Flutter Community is Growing Rapidly

The world is gearing up for more secure and stable mobile applications. And Flutter has come a long way to deliver particularly robust cross-platform app solutions.

The framework now has excellent community support that eliminates the inefficiencies and concerns associated with a new framework.

Moreover, the Flutter community is proliferating with the popularity of cross-platform app development.

Today, any Flutter developer can resolve their development queries within no time owing to a large community. And it will play a significant role in making Flutter a preferred mobile app development framework in the future.

Other Benefits of Flutter App Development

  • Flutter with Visual Studio Code for Productive Development 

For Flutter, you can choose among many code editors. However, Android Studio and Visual Studio Code are two of the most preferred code editors.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) further offers productive Flutter app development as the editor has abounding plugins for Flutter.

The VS Code has built-in command-line tools that enable the developers to run and view the app simultaneously on Android and iOS devices. It makes the cross-platform app development process much more informed.

  • Excellent Cross-platform Development 

Both Facebook’s React Native and Google’s Flutter have played a substantial role in bringing cross-platform mobile app development into the mainstream.

And Google is making sure that Flutter app developers could deliver purely quality-oriented cross-platform apps. It is regularly updating the framework for more stable versions with increased development speed.

Flutter allows the developer to write a single code for an app to run on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

And there is a misconception that you need to create a separate interface look & feel for iOS and Android platforms. It will only increase your work.

What’s More to Understand?

Cross-platform app development has already become a mainstream practice. And more-and-more businesses are leveraging it to draw the best of both worlds.

The Flutter team has been regularly updating its stable versions. And the framework has outperformed all the major cross-platform app development frameworks.

Flutter-based applications deliver robust functionality and are reliably secure. Plus, Flutter runs at 60FPS, and that sums up to an impressive user experience. It means Flutter is already meeting your quality standards. Thus, it is a strong contender against native mobile app development frameworks.

Now that we are assured about the quality, we cannot ignore the economic benefits Flutter is ready to offer. We can cut down the development cost for multi-platform applications by up to 50%.

Flutter only takes a single code to deliver you applications that work efficiently on Android and iOS platforms. Plus, you can reduce the development time to almost half that of native app development.

If you plan to stay ahead of the curve, Flutter cross-platform app development is undisputedly the right choice for 2021 and the future.


We might suggest you native app development over Flutter in some cases. One of these cases is when the app involves constant background functionality. For instance, if there is a constant map-tracking functionality, we might not suggest Flutter.

Further, we would be happy to consult you with the capabilities of the Flutter framework. You can Book a Free Consultation here.

Moreover, you can check our Flutter app development expertise here.